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Chambery Connexion

Faites du bruit n°32 avec Les Thugs ...

Faites du bruit n°33 avec Youth Fountain, Drug Church, All Borders Kill Melt, The Rising Fall, Puppy, Short Stack, Destroy Boys, Nobody's Straight, The Third Project, The Offspring, Toward the Throne, Doomsisters, Glasgow Coma Scale, Thoughtcrimes, Boodaman, Blood Youth

Faites du bruit n°34 avec Basterds, Angry Silence, Real Friends, The Fre3 Bastards, Machine Head, Circa Arcana, State Champs, Ship of Fools, Horowitz, The Human Tornado, Suzi Soprano, Regarde, Dance Gavin Dance, Eyes of Tomorrow, Sydney Sprague, Body Says No, No God Only Teeth

Faites du bruit n°35 avec Normandie, Never Loved, Regarde, Octopoulpe, Sydney Sprague, Tigers Jaw, Suzi Soprano, Thick Glasses, Stuff, Bornholm, Through The Dusk, SXNDRXM, Strugglehead, As The Thaw, Toward the Throne, Snap Border

Faites du bruit n°36 avec Nirvana, MugSlug, The Rumjacks, Eyes Of Tomorrow, Rock n roll Junkie, Fall For Rising, Valse Noot, The One Armed Man, Buddah, AD Infinitum, Dead End,Doomsisters, Circa Arcana, SXNDRXM, Pogo Car Crash Control, Telltale, Akiavel, Witchgrove

Faites du bruit n°37 avec Short Stack, Kapitur, Regarde, The Luka State, Big Batch, Angry Silence, Talk Show Host, Thick Glasses, Sydney Sprague, Redlight King, Dead United, Thirteen Goats, Blood Youth, Doomsisters, Vvorse, Witchgrove, Acid Moon and The Pregnant Sun

Faites du bruit n°38 avec Antillectual, Sydney Sprague, Marble Feather, Fuck da Tourist, Suzi Soprano, Puppy, All Borders Kill, Big Batch, The Luka State, Never Loved, Stuff, Almost Human, InRetrospect, Boodaman, 1945, Fils, Toward the Throne

Faites du bruit n°39 avec Angry Silence, Tigers Jaw, Deaf Havana, The Offspring, I'd prefer not to, Des Rocs, Marble Feather, Weatherstate, Thick Glasses, The Third Project, Fuck da Tourist, Vvorse, Thoughtcrimes, Boodaman, Graphic Nature, Destroy Boys, Sunfall

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