Faites du Bruit

Faites du bruit propose chaque semaine le meilleur du rock indépendant français et étranger par Thomas et Flo. Sortez votre perfecto et vos santiags puis montez le son de votre webradio à fond.

Avec The Bouncing Souls, The Luka State, Sydney Sprague, Les Shirley, Carpet Waves, Headkeyz, Earvin Macadam, Puppy, Circa Arcana, Bad Omens, Greber, In Fear, Holocausto Canibal, Graphic Nature, Cloudkicker, Thirteen Goats, Destroy Boys, Eloi

Avec The Bloody Hell, Acres, Motive Black, Telltale, I’d prefer not to, Astrolab, Bornholm, The Human Tornado, My Funeral, Graphic Nature, Angelus Apatrida, Enderr, Sailor Hunter, Within Destruction, Hooks & Bones, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, El Thule

Avec Thornhill, Acres, The Bouncing Souls, Vain Valkyries, Headkeyz, Doctor Explosion, Magnolia Park, Alienator, Gideon, The Third Project, Currents, Ingraves, Alta Rossa, Khasm, Triskelyon, Hellfekted, Yojimbo

Avec Zoe, The Luka State, Knuckle Puck, Thornhill, Earvin Macadam, I’d prefer not to, All Borders Kill, The Dead End Kids, Along the Lines, AD INFINITUM, Giant Walker, Kapitur, Graphic Nature, Vvorse, The Third Project, Odonata

Avec Drug Church, Weezer, Lobsterbomb, The One Armed Man, Angry Silence, Cheever, Earvin Macadam, Melt, The Fre3 Bastards, Nirvana, I’d prefer not to, The Offspring, Puppy, MugSlug, Les Thugs

Avec Super Punk, Sydney Sprague, Insert Coins, The Feelgood McLouds, Bad Omens, Cloudkicker, Valse Noot, MamaKilla, Chien Bernard, Des Rocs, Ship of Fools, Within Destruction, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Marble Feather, Blood Youth, Granit 665, Doomsisters, Normandie

Avec Antillectual, Des Rocs, Lobsterbomb, Fuck da Tourist, NIPPERCREEP, Angry Silence, The Rumjacks, I’d prefer not to, ZSK, Drug Church, John Is Late, Machine Head, TH3ORY, Fils, Almost Human, Witchgrove

Avec The Rumjacks, Angry Silence, 2 Headed Dog, Sudden Waves, Melt, Slow Crush, Corbillard, Telltale, Unlogistic, Des Rocs, La Decoupe, Sunfall, No God only teeth, The Way of Purity, Destroy Boys, Atreyu, Claque

Avec Acres, Eloi, The Bloody Hell, Story of the Year, Thrice, Hardy, Vain Valkyries, Dirty Sound Magnet, Knuckle Puck, Astrolab, Enderr, Sacrifix, In der Welt, Push, Along the Lines, Mathagal, Odonata, SXNDRXM

Avec Redlight King, Ceci Dit, Les Shirley, Destroy Boys, Bilbao Kung Fu, Sebadoh, Soundgarden, U Men, Louis Ling and The Bombs, In Fear, Fall For Rising, Kapitur, Sable Sorciere, Enderr, Ad Infinitum, Of mice and men, Kam Hesari

Avec Hot Milk, Acres, Thrice, Puppy, Magnolia Park, Big Batch, The Rumjacks, Ship of Fools, Dead United, Suzi soprano, Valse Noot, Memphis May Fire, Purified in Blood, Mathagal, Within Destruction, Holocausto Canibal, Fall For Rising, Talk Show Host, Never Loved

Avec Deaf Havana, Never Loved, Violent Soho, Knuckle Puck, Drug Church, SXNDRXM, The Offspring, MugSlug, The One Armed Man, The Feelgood McLouds, Snap Border, Cadaveria, Ad Infinitum, The Human Tornado, Th3ory, Odonata

Avec Carpet Waves, Acres, MugSlug, Redlight King, Sydney Sprague, Big Batch, Dance Gavin Dance, The Dead End Kids, Magnolia Park, Insert Coins, Nihilist Death Cult, Purified in Blood, Triskelyon, My Funeral, Within Destruction, Sailor Hunter, Kapitur, Destroy Boys

Avec The Dead End Kids, Cadaveria, Real Friends, Drug Church, Ad Infinitum, Angry Silence, Graphic Nature, Circa Arcana, Les Thugs, Lurk, The Human Tornado, Giant Walker, Fuck da Tourist, Vvorse, Sick, Gad Zukes, Deaf Havana

Avec The Bots, MugSlug, Ad Infinitum, Des Rocs, Suzi soprano, Never Loved, Telltale, State Champs, The Rising Fall, Sydney Sprague, Sunfall, Bornholm, Toward the Throne, Basterds, Monkey’s Fall, Destroy Boys 

Avec My Funeral, As the thaw, Sydney Sprague, Caesaria, Almost Human, The K, Eyes of Tomorrow, Ship of Fools, Ad Infinitum, Stuff, The Fre3 Bastards, Out of school activities, Without Warning, Witchgrove, Youth Fountain

Avec Marble Feather, Puppy, Earvin Macadam, Out of school activities, The Fre3 Bastards, Cloudkicker, Refused, I’d prefer not to, John Is Late, Drug Church, Kapitur, Thoughtcrimes, Toward the Throne, Acid Moon and The Pregnant Sun, Sunfall, Tethra