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Power Station n°97 avec Big Batch, Yarol Poupaud, Generation X, The Who, Big Thief, Iggy Pop, Nora Kamm, Jalen Ngonda, Art Of Noise, Archie Lee Hooker, BB King Billy Gibbons, Ayron Jones

Power Station n°98 avec Marka, Norah Jones, Hey Hey My My, Eric Bibb, Peter Gabriel, Jeanette Berger, No One Is Innocent, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Lux the band, Tony Joe White, Art Mengo

Power Station n°99 avec Maneskin, Jessia, Gamma Ray, Ben l'Oncle Soul, interview Jeanette Berger, Pomme, Eminem, Dirty Loops, Bill Labounty, Vince Gill

Power Station n°100 avec Haylen, Rod Barthet, Phony PPL, Noel Gallagher, Nora Kamm en interview, Gerald Albright, Yates McKendree, Doyle Bramhall, Beth Hart, Bill Withers, Circle Of Mud, AC DC

Power Station n°101 avec Gorillaz, The Inspector Cluzo, Baron's, Rod Barthet en interview, Isaac Hayes, Gliz, Danny Gatton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robbie Williams

Power Station n°102 avec Laura Cox, The Inspector Cluzo, Baron's, Train, The Pasadenas, The SuperSoul Brothers, Teddy Pendergrass, Little Odetta, Delayne, Et Nu, Nora Kamm, Gliz, Toto, Young Gun Silver Fox, Diana Krall

Power Station n°103 avec Haylen, Otis Taylor, Laura Cox, Buddy Guy, Anne Paceo en interview, Aliashka, Lizzo, The Kooks, Lux the band, The Faim, Jeff Golub

Power Station n° 104 avec dEUS, Feist, Nasser Ben Daddo, Alice Cooper, Cocoon, Wayo, Laura Cox, Alanis Morissette, Pleasure, Carla Thomas, Freddie Jackson, Ben l'Oncle Soul, Etienne Daho, Vintage Trouble, Eurythmics, Bill Withers

Power Station n°105 avec Gracie Abrams, Folsom, Baron's, Yates McKendree, Laura Cox en interview, Jimmy Felvia, Bai Kamara Jr, Chris Rea, Fleetwod Mac, Linda Rondstat, Bill Labounty

Power Station n°106 avec Al Green, Touch Of Groove, Elise and the Sugarsweet, Lux the band, interview Little Odetta, Red Beans and Pepper Sauce, The SuperSoul Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robyn Bennett, Mother's Finest, Delayne

Power Station n°107 avec The Spinners, Forest Pooky, Eva Cassidy, Billy Valentine, Haylen, Laura Cox, Roxane Arnal, Nora Kamm, Life and Fire, St paul Peterson, Sandra Nkake, Eric Benet, Rahsaan Patterson, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, St Germain

Power Station n°108 avec Marka, Eric Bibb, Denis Agenet, Dead Chi, Van Morrison, Billy Valentine, The Crusaders, Clinic Rodeo, The Cramps, Krasno Moore Project, Folsom, Eve Cassidy

Power Station n°109 avec Depeche Mode, Demi Lovato, Jeanette Berger, Dead Chic, interview Fred Chapellier, Kevin Saura Group, Krasno Moore Project, Jestofunk, Jen H Ka, Fleetwood Mac

Power Station n°110 avec Ellie Goulding, Jean Pierre Kalfon, Gorillaz, interview Yvan Le Bolloc'h, Devon Gilfillian, Last in Line, Def Leppard, Billy F Gibbons, Mc Solaar, Alliance Ethnik, IAM, Billy Valentine

Power Station n°111 avec Lanie Gardner, White Feet, Perfecto, Bai Kamara JR en interview, Greta Van Fleet, No Water Please, An Eagle In Your Mind, Dropdead Chaos, Headcharger, Linkin Park, The Bo Keys

Power Station n° 112 avec Steff Tej, Metallica, Min Deep, Breton, Yazid Manou en interview, Crazy Cavan, Haylen, Ricky Amigos, Bill Haley, The Pasadenas, An Eagle In You Mind, No Water Please
Power Station n°113 avec Sylvain Luc en interview, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Chick Corea, Pierre Perret, Judy Garland, Pere Dpnestia, Keith Jarrett, John Lennon, Steely Dan

Power Station n°114 avec Ana Popovic, Max Pinto, Toni Green, Jo and Wedin, Koritni, L'Breton, Blankass, Steff Tej, Nina Hagen, Nina Attal, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Luther Vandross, Perfecto, Laura Pausini

Power Station n°115 avec William Sheller, Paul Young, Ed Sheeran, Rodney Crowell, Blackberry Smoke, Pink Floyd, Ana Popovic, Lux the band, An Eagle In Your Mind, Blankass, Santana, The Lemon Twigs, Feist, Max Pinto

Power Station n°116 avec Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Imelda May, Ana Popovic, Train, Clinic Rodeo, Kevin Saura Group, George Benson, Laura Cox, The Who, The Art Of Noise, Baron's, Segur Ros

Power Station n°117 avec Kaz Hawkins, Anne Paceo, Groundations et Brain Damage, H.E.R,, Roisin Murphy, Galen and Paul, Perfecto, Dropdead Chaos, Blur, Devon Gilfillian, Ana Layla, Teddy Pendergrass, Angie Stone, Chaka Khan

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